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  • Sunday, August 10, 2014

    Feline meow

    My last blog post was posted 3 months ago and here I am finally updating my blog! Wow, I've been a lazy blogger compared to when I started blogging. I cannot promise to update my blog weekly since I'm on my senior year but I would (atleast) try.

    I've been dressing up differently lately, wearing clothes and styling them with anything. Overall It would kinda look like I'm overdressed, getting a lot of positive and negative looks and feedbacks (or they just don't see people wearing those type of clothes usually).

    "Legs also deserved to be dressed." - Stocqueens

    Thank you so much Stocqueens for sending me these stockings! One of my favorite shop! Sorry if it took me so long to take a picture of it.

    I'm not into cats but cat prints are too cute not to wear, I swear!

    And oh, remember my birthday wishlist? I was able to cross out 6 of them on my birthday! Thanks to the people who spoiled me for a day especially to my mom and to Tita Vigie. And thank you to the most awesome person for spoiling me everyday, *coughs* Daddy!

    Top from St. Francis Square, Skirt from Moda MNL, Stockings from Stocqueens, Shoes from Vanilla Pop

    I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Feel free to comment below! x

    Saturday, May 3, 2014

    2014 Birthday Wishlist

    Ahh, five days to go till my birthday! I just can't wait! My friend, Hannah and I planned on having a shoot and to have a post birthday celebration as well. This would serve as her gift for me together with Aila. I just love you guys! Thank you for the love, support and everythaaang!

    So much for the excitement. A lot of my 'wants' has been running on my mind lately and I just can't stop thinking of them over and over again. And I thought making a wishlist would be a great idea to at least minimize my mind full of stressful sartorial daydream. So why the hell not?

    1. Popcorn bag - This will pop up a simple outfit. Definitely one of the quirkiest bag I'd love to have!
    2. Cat print skirt - A cute skirt with a cute cat print. Pairing this with a simple top will definitely do.
    3. Combat boots
    4. Creepers - The most unique platform shoes that I fell in love with.
    5. Panda baseball cap
    6. Famous people midriff - Show a bit of your skin for a hot hot day!
    7. Denim skater skirt
    8. Cat tights - Add a touch of cuteness on your outfit with this tights.
    9. Bow socks - Wearing a plain socks no more. Make your outfit quirky with these pair of socks.
    That's all for now! Hope I'll be able to cross out at least one of them. I'm pretty sure there are still a lot more that I've missed. I'll be considering it next time! x

    Sunday, April 27, 2014

    Sporty Summer

    Hello everyone! I've finally decided to move on to a new blogging platform. I have some personal issues that I've been experiencing on my old blogging platform so I coudn't help but move as much as possible.

    So how's your summer going lately? Been hoping to have a lot of beach outings and adventures if you ask me. Attending a review, working and selling quirky pieces from my shop — Fashipedia, is what I mostly do that I find productive.

    And this summer, I hope I'll be able to cross out the things I have in mind on my summer bucketlist. Some of which I want to do most is to go to the beach, have a thrift shopping adventure and have a fun photoshoot with my friends. How I wish we could do these sooner!

    My dad had a meeting to attend to at the Oriental Hotel and invited us to come with him. We had the opportunity to check in at a hotel, eat breakfast and dinner and swim for a free. This is what I love about my dad being a doctor. Lots and lots of sponsors!

    Top from Midnight Bonanza, Shorts from ROMWE c/o Celina, Socks from Stocqueens

    So that's it! It's 1:15AM and I'm still awake, eating chocolates while blogging about this entry on a comfy bed with my family and relatives. Hope you're having a great time too. Have a nice day!