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There's nothing much to say for this post but I just want to leave these photos of my partner-in-crime and I because it's been a while since we've hang out.

Chalk Campus Tour


We went to the venue of where the Chalk Campus Tour was held. We couldn't wait to see Vern, Verniece and Camille so we went out of the room. In a few seconds, we unexpectedly saw the Enciso sisters going straight to where Tris and I were!

Weekend at Sofitel

Last Saturday my dad attended a conference at Sofitel. I missed him so much, I had to meet him. I went with my Tita, looked for him at the lobby and WAS SO SURPRISED BECAUSE GUESS WHAT... I SAW MY MOM! I never knew she was going with daddy. No one told me! I MISSED BOTH OF THEM SO MUCH AGH MY HEART!

Subic Beach Photo Diary