Chalk Campus Tour

We went to the venue of where the Chalk Campus Tour was held. We couldn't wait to see Vern, Verniece and Camille so we went out of the room. In a few seconds, we unexpectedly saw the Enciso sisters going straight to where Tris and I were!

Weekend at Sofitel

Last Saturday my dad attended a conference at Sofitel. I missed him so much, I had to meet him. I went with my Tita, looked for him at the lobby and WAS SO SURPRISED BECAUSE GUESS WHAT... I SAW MY MOM! I never knew she was going with daddy. No one told me! I MISSED BOTH OF THEM SO MUCH AGH MY HEART!

This is too pretty I had to take a picture of it! Plus, everything is real and fresh.

Subic Beach Photo Diary

Trash talk

It's been a long time since my friend (slash twin) and I planned for a shoot and finally able to have the time! Also for the confidence to wear an unusual outfit, lol. I rode the jeepney wearing this on my way to our shooting location... But hey, no regrets! I had a great time with Patty, Angelika, Hannah and Kyla.

Graduation Wishlist

This was supposed to be posted a week before my graduation but let's just assume that I've posted this earlier *wink*

Uptown girl

These photos were taken on our last day in Manila at Trinoma's parking lot. Mom opted for us to have a quick shoot and I loved how the photos turned out!

Plaid & Rugged

I'm currently speding my vacation here in Manila and blogging about this post at our condo excites me. Oh how I missed staying here! If you're a reader of my blog back when I was still using tumblr, you probably know about this. But if you don't, it's a great condo unit worked by my mom and her friend (slash architecture hihi). They're such a great match! I love the simple hotel vibe of the color palettes, the furnitures and the whole interior.

[CLOSED] Alyssa Diaries x Lime & Life x Patricia the Panda Giveaway

Hello everyone! First of all, I finally decided to have my own domain after almost 2 years of blogging. Yay!

And to celebrate, here's another surprise and a site launch giveaway as well together with my co bloggers, Ate Alyssa of Alyssa Diaries and Ate Janine of Lime & Life. Click "Read more" to see prizes and to join under the cut.
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